How To Find YouTube Gaming Video Editors

New content creator? Want to show off your twitch highlights on your YouTube channel? Then you need to film your content, which is fun, but then you need to tirelessly edit your videos to make your content good enough for YouTube.

I just started my Twitch channel and my YouTube channel, so I will share with you what I am learning.

Your best bet is picking video editor software and learning it and then editing your own videos. But, that’s going to take a really long time. For one, videos take a long time to edit. I just started learning Filmora, which is supposedly a beginner-friendly video editor, and it takes me three or four hours to edit a very amateur looking video (this was the first video I edited with Filmora). My goal is to keep learning and hopefully, I get better.

However, I’m not very patient; I want to pump out content faster than what I’m doing right now. I want to grow my channel quickly and to do this, I want to post one video a day. But, I can’t take four hours to edit the video and another bit of time to make the thumbnail every day if I want to scale. It’s not sustainable.

Thus, I decided to do what the big YouTubers do: Hire an editor for my gaming channel.

How to Find A Youtube Editor For Gaming Videos

The first thing I did to find an editor for my gaming videos on my gaming channel was google “Hearthstone video editors” and I found some big ones who advertise they edit videos for the big Hearthstone streamers. I emailed them a nice long email, but none of them responded to me (LOL)!

Next, I went to some mid-range streamers’ youtube videos to check their description to see if they credited the editor. Some did, but, again, none of the editors responded to me!

I think the popular editors only work on four or five YouTubers only. I guess they don’t have enough time to take more clients.

Thus, I had to find a gaming editor some other way.

I have used Fiverr before on graphics for a blog, so I figured why not try there for video editors. Plus, I always liked Fiverr because it makes it easy to pay and you can get a refund if you get scammed.

To my surprise, there were three Fiverr sellers who specifically advertised they edit Hearthstone videos. All I did was search, “Hearthstone editor” in the Fiverr search bar.

There were even more sellers who edit all kinds of gaming videos. Take a look at the search results for the generic term, “gaming editor”:

How To Find YouTube Gaming Video Editors

The prices were not unreasonable. The average price for a short gaming video was about $20 bucks. This is perfect for me because all I want to post on YouTube are 15-minute videos of individual Hearthstone games where something interesting happened.

Many of the sellers included a thumbnail, music and graphics in the price.

Someone who is “Fiverr’s Choice” was charging $20 Candian dollars for all this:

how to hire gaming video editor

But, I decided to try one of the three sellers who specifically advertised they edit Hearthstone videos. Here’s what I ordered from him/her:

find gaming Youtube editor online

I had to fill out some requirements, and attach my media, but that was easy. I wrote a short paragraph describing exactly what I wanted and the time of the footage from my stream that I wanted in my video. I also shared a link to a YouTube video by a famous Hearthstone streamer to show sort of what I was looking for, but for he or she to feel free to be creative.

Here’s my plan going forward: I will test out maybe five different Fiverr YouTube gaming editors in the next week, and once I find the best one, use them almost exclusively going forward.

I will post the results of some of the gaming videos edited by Fiverr sellers below as I get them. If you liked this article, subscribe to my channel as a thank you!

YouTube Video Editor Test Number 1

This first Fiverr editor worked out very well in my opinion. I paid him $10 bucks for the edits and $5 extra for the sweet thumbnail. My only regret was the editing and thumbnail were two separate services, so I had to pay two service fees to Fiverr. If I use this video editor again, I will ask him to bundle the editing and the thumbnail in one more expensive service.

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