How To Fix: Not Receiving Contact Form 7 Submissions

If you are ever suddenly not receiving Contact Form 7 submissions from your WordPress site to your email, it could be an issue with your website’s host, not Contact Form 7 or your email provider.

Some hosts will automatically turn off sending emails from WordPress sites’ contact forms after they sense a brute force attack or other traffic anomalies or even if you just get too many contact form submissions.

The problem is, many hosts, even the best ones like Kinsta, do not alert you that they have shut off your email from being sent from your site. I know this because I just experienced it, and Kinsta is my host on the affected website.

You won’t even know there is an issue with contact form submissions because your contact form seems to be working when you test it. There is no error on the frontend or the backend.

Therefore, you could go weeks without even knowing that all your contact form submissions failed to be delivered to your email address.

This is a serious issue if you are a local business who gets most of their business/leads from contact forms.

How to Fix Contact Form 7 Submissions Failure To Send

To resolve this issue, just start a chat with your host and ask them if they put a stop on your emails sent from your website (yes they can do this). If they did, ask them to turn off the stop and to release your emails. It is that simple. You will suddenly receive all the contact form submissions waiting in the hopper.

Now you have the unenviable task of responding to all the long-overdue contact form submissions.

Prevent Contact Form 7 Host Errors

Chances are, you can’t ask your host to never put a stop on future emails again. But, to protect yourself going forward, there are a few things to do:

  1. Don’t wait if you fail to receive contact form emails. If you normally receive at least a few contact form submissions per day, then enact a policy whereby you ask your host if there is a problem if you don’t receive a contact form submission for 48 hours straight.
  2. Add Flamingo. Flamingo is a WordPress plugin that stores all Contact Form 7 submissions in your WordPress dashboard. Flamingo does not require that emails are sent from your site, it automatically saves all Contact Form 7 submissions when they are made. Thus, you can check contact form submissions in Flamingo even if your host has put a stop on your contact forms being sent to your email address.
  3. Add an SMTP plugin. A free SMTP plugin reconfigures WordPress to use a proper SMTP provider when sending emails. This helps make emails from your site more reliable and it makes your host happy. I can’t recommend a particular SMTP plugin, but let me know in the comments which one you like best.
How To Fix: Not Receiving Contact Form 7 Submissions

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